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Hola Mi Amors!

So after mulling over the contents of my first post for far longer than I should have, I've decided to make it a simple intro to Slick's Gal Haircare Plus because if you've found yourself here, you must be wondering what SGH + is all about.

At present, SGH + is the culmination of a hobbyist's passions, passions that are transitioning into a small business venture.
The fact of the matter is that  I've been mixing products and creating things for as long as I can remember, but a few years ago, a peaked interest in homeopathy & the development of new allergies prompted me to create replacements for store bought items I could no longer use. Fast forward to present day & I have an arsenal of wares && am learning how to develop my brand so it can become the bridge to better tomorrows that I always hoped it would be.

Collateral + Passion + Plan = Catalyst for Change
All SGH + hair & body items are handcrafted by yours truly for consumers that desire afford…

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